Cosmetic packaging presents two major trends

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Cosmetic packaging presents two major trends

Cosmetics, cosmetics, skin care products have become an indispensable item in people's lives, and they have become a common topic after people have had a meal. Cosmetics such as cosmetics have become more and more ageless, gender-free, and have a wide age range, both male and female. Be applicable. In addition to the important role of cosmetics in cosmetics, packaging has become an important factor in competition. Therefore, various businesses have put forward higher and higher requirements for the appearance and function of cosmetic packaging bottle.

In recent years, cosmetic packaging bottle has shown two major development trends:I found this at

First, cartoonization: cartoon Feng with its cute and funny cartoon character shape, candy color decoration, attracting the eye of the little girl, loved a lot, in addition to young people are very fond of, many young mothers are also crazy, Classic cartoon characters such as radiant, lazy bear, Katie cat, Snoopy, Doraemon, etc. are all loved. Card ventilation is integrated into cosmetic packaging bottle, which not only injects cute elements into the development of cosmetic packaging bottle, but also satisfies Cartoon sentimental consumer crowd.

Second, multi-functional: small and exquisite, multi-functional cosmetic packaging bottle to meet the development needs of the market, a small set of small makeup boxes concentrated on a variety of effects of foundation, including eye shadow, blush, foundation, etc. A small and cute lip gloss can also be used as a hanging ornament, hanging on a mobile phone, a bag, and so on.

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