Plastic products should not be placed in the refrigerato

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Do not use microwave ovens for heating. Chemical contaminants will not be released and people can safely reuse them. The recycling mark is a common law used by countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan. Although some toxic substances do exist, the possibility of release under normal temperature or freezing conditions is extremely small. Some large-capacity wide-mouth plastic food bottles have become used in many households for curing. At present, the market sales of wine, soy sauce and vinegar in the market have been good in recent years. In addition, plastic products should not be placed in the refrigerator for a long time, especially in the freezer compartment. Low temperatures can cause plastic degradation and increase the risk Detergent Packaging Manufacturers of harmful chemicals entering the food. When thawing, remove the plastic bag or take it out of the crisper.

In fact, plastic bottles also have "identity cards. These bagged condiments require a container to hold. However, it is clear that in the vast rural areas and some urban-rural junctions, these common-sense knowledge has not been popularized. It is not a plastic product for microwave ovens. Many times, some used beverage bottles and mineral water bottles have become condiment bottles. Plastic products such as Coke bottles and mineral water bottles will be deformed after boiling water, but it will not affect their safe use, but the appearance will change greatly. When using a metal brush to clean plastic bottles, even if the plastic bottle is worn or lining inside, it only destroys the surface finish without causing damage to the molecular structure.. Today's plastic products are basically polymer compounds, and their chemical structure is stable. Therefore, plastic product bottles or containers are qualified products produced by regular manufacturers according to technical standards and are used properly.

The development of science and technology to today, the engineering and technical personnel of cosmetic container manufacturers are fully capable of ensuring the safety of plastic food packaging for human health. Therefore, it is recommended that the public should use less hot water and hot food in normal use.Reuse of plastic bottles is harmful to the health of the body, and this common-sense knowledge is gaining popularity among more and more young people. .

From the birth of plastics to today, the plastic products of cosmetic container manufacturers have gone through a hundred years of history together with human beings, making an indelible contribution to social and economic progress and the improvement of people's living standards. As for the corrosive acid-base solution, the plastic material is a safe packaging material.

In the packaging market, plastic bottles are often used repeatedly by some housewives.

Knowing the material and properties of plastic products, it is not difficult to find that the key to ensuring its safety is temperature. The internal molecular structure will not change substantially, and no toxic or harmful substances will be produced." According to the experts of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, the bottom of plastic products generally has a triangular logo with three arrows, meaning that it can be recycled and reused

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